Yes, you can. The easiest way to do this would be to use the Quick Order tab at the top of our site. Here you can select the product, style, size, and shape, type in the full quantity that you want between all your designs, specify the number of designs you have and then either upload your images or design them on our site.

- Our pricing includes up to three designs at no additional charge per order.  Due to the amount of work involved in setting up and managing multiple design orders, there is a $5 fee per additional design over the three allotted.


- A design is any change in artwork. These changes in artwork can be something as seemingly insignificant as color or text. Whatever big or small changes in the artwork are made, each design then needs to be managed through the button making process differently to ensure that every order leaves Just Buttons containing each component.


- These three designs can only be applied to one product each. For example, if an order is placed with three pieces of artwork for 1" buttons and the same artwork on 1" keychains, that would be six designs because we have to manage each design differently for each product it is placed on.