What size button should I get?

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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Button Size

Choosing the right button size for your project is crucial for making a lasting impression. Whether you're a band looking to promote your music, a business aiming to boost your brand, or running a political campaign, our range of button sizes caters to every need. Here's a quick guide to help you decide:

1" Rounds: The Quarter-Sized Classic

  • Size Comparison: As big as a quarter.
  • Ideal Use: Perfect for bands and brands targeting the 18-35 age group.
  • Design Tip: Best for concise messages or logos.

1.25" Rounds: The Half-Dollar Fit

  • Size Comparison: Similar to a US half-dollar coin.
  • Ideal Use: Suited for short messages or slightly larger logos than the 1" option.
  • Visual Appeal: Offers a bit more space for creative design.

1.50" Rounds: The Ping Pong Impact

  • Size Comparison: Diameter of a standard ping pong ball.
  • Ideal Use: Great for bolder logos or short messages needing more visibility.
  • Design Suggestion: A step up for more visual impact.

1.75" Rounds: The Ritz Cracker Size

  • Size Comparison: As wide as a Ritz Cracker.
  • Ideal Use: A versatile in-between size for various applications.

2.25" Rounds: The Standard Campaign Button

  • Size Comparison: Diameter of a soda can top.
  • Ideal Use: The go-to for modern campaign buttons.
  • Popularity: A classic choice for its balance in size and visibility.

2.50" Rounds: The Tennis Ball Statement

  • Size Comparison: As big as a tennis ball.
  • Ideal Use: Preferred for making a bold statement in campaigns.
  • Visibility: Slightly larger than standard, ensuring your message stands out.

3" Rounds: The Baseball-Sized Attention-Grabber

  • Size Comparison: Diameter of a baseball.
  • Ideal Use: Best for service industry messages like "hablo español" or "Ask Me."
  • Impact: Large enough to be noticed from a distance.

3.5" Rounds: The Coaster-Sized Display

  • Size Comparison: Similar to a standard coaster.
  • Ideal Use: Excellent for retail applications requiring a larger display area.

4" Rounds: The Compact yet Bold

  • Size Comparison: Smaller than a standard CD.
  • Ideal Use: Perfect for service industries for clear and visible messages.

6" Rounds: The Bread and Butter Plate Innovation

  • Size Comparison: Size of a bread and butter plate.
  • Unique Feature: Comes with a pin-back or kickstand backing for display versatility.
  • Ideal Use: A favorite for in-home sellers and direct marketing events.

Small Rectangles, Oblongs & Ovals (1.75" x 2.75"): The Car Key Size

  • Size Comparison: About the size of a generic car key.
  • Layout Options: Available in portrait and landscape.
  • Ideal Use: Great for school pictures, name tags, and business logos.

Medium Rectangles (2" x 3"): The Credit Card Companion

  • Size Comparison: Slightly shorter than a standard credit card.
  • Customization: Perfect for school photos and club meeting name tags.
  • Design Flexibility: Available in portrait and landscape layouts.

Large Rectangles (2.5" x 3.5"): The Baseball Card Match

  • Size Comparison: Similar to a standard baseball card.
  • Versatility: Largest rectangle option, suitable for name tags, business logos, or school photos.

2" Squares, Diamonds & Squircles: The Double Quarter Space

  • Size Comparison: Size of two quarters side by side.
  • Ideal Use: Excellent for bands, businesses, and website promotions.
  • Special Feature: Ideal for album cover art, logos, or QR codes.

Our diverse range of button sizes ensures that you can find the perfect match for your specific needs. Whether it’s making a bold statement or conveying a subtle message, our buttons are designed to cater to every requirement.

Ready to create your custom button? Contact us today to get started or browse our collection for more inspiration!

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