If you don’t have a hard deadline in mind, or if you are planning in advance, you can take advantage of our free shipping and handling option. Our free shipping option is the slowest option available, but it’s FREE.  To qualify, for most orders under 5000 pieces, just pick a delivery date that is 14 business days out. There’s always a chance you will get your buttons a little early, this all depends on our current production and shipping schedule, but don’t count on it.  If you have a hard deadline, or need your buttons sooner, this option is not for you. 

Things to remember about free shipping:

It can take up to 9 business days after production time. Yes, nine business days. Regardless of where you are located, nine business days. Did we mention that it can take up to nine business days?  Please don’t be surprised, or disappointed, or leave us a negative review, if your order arrives exactly when we tell you it will.

We cannot bump free shipping orders to the front of the line, especially when we are busy. Why?  Because our other clients have paid a premium for processing and shipping services. It wouldn’t be fair for us to bump orders to the front of the line just because. However, if we get ahead of schedule you may receive your order sooner.

Free Shipping really isn’t free-  Someone has to pay for it. Shipping is expensive, and in order to be able to offer you this cost saving perk, you have to be willing to allow up to nine business days for delivery. We think it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Free shipping is only available on orders of 5,000 or less buttons being shipped to one address within the continental United States.