Buttons  Stickers

Metallic Buttons

Our metallic buttons are printed on a clear film. The transparency of the film enables the silver of the button shell to shine through, giving the button a metallic look. Anything that is white in your design will appear the silver of the button shell.  Click here to see an example. 

Standard Buttons
Our standard buttons are printed on high-quality digital paper and are then encapsulated with an optically clear glossy laminate.  Most buttons we produce are standard buttons.  Click here to see an example.

All of our glossy stickers, economy and premium are printed on a five-year 3 Mil glossy white vinyl. Glossy vinyl holds the ink better and colors will appear vibrant and shiny.


All of our matte stickers, economy and premium are printed on a 3.5 mil matte finish white vinyl. Matte vinyl absorbs the ink differently than it's glossy counterpart.  Colors tend to look slightly faded or washed out. Matte stickers are perfect for designs going for a distressed or vintage look.